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Yellow Card Tournaments



Men’s Club - Weekly Yellow Card Tournament 




Lowest 18-hole net score tournament



  • First line - Actual score per hole, total score and course handicap

  • Subtract your course handicap from your total score

  • Enter your NET score in the score box in the upper right hand corner

  • Circle flight in which you wish to compete (AA, A, B, C, or Gold Tee)


Course handicaps for this weekly tournament are as follows:

  • AA – Up to 5

  • A – 6 to 11

  • B – 12 to 15

  • C – 16 and over

  • GOLD (Age PLUS white tee course handicap equals  85 or greater)



  • Fill in the event (Sweeps)

  • PRINT and SIGN your name at the top of the yellow tournament card

  • INCLUDE your course handicap in parenthesis

  • Have your card attested by a player in your group who is a member of Pendleton Creek

  • Post your score as a COMPETITION score

  • Refer to the SAMPLE CARD to properly fill out your card



Competition Dates:                            Wednesday May 1st to Sunday May 5th

Total Club Credit to Be Awarded:     $290                                                              


Ties settled by match of cards, based on net score on hardest handicap hole


Scores not submitted accurately in accordance with posted rules and sample card may be DISQUALIFIED.



Michael Wells, Tournament Chair

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