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Scoring Guidelines

Score Posting Guidelines

Now that the Thursday League is up and running, here is a reminder of the score posting guidelines: 

All rounds played, both 9 & 18 holes, should be posted. This is especially
true for those of you playing in the Thursday League.

You are encouraged to do this on your phone or tablet using the GHIN
mobile app. You are encouraged to use the hole-by-hole posting procedure because this automatically makes the maximum strokes per hole adjustment. If you are not comfortable doing this, you can post your gross score only. If you choose to do this, you will have to make your own
adjustment, which is:

Par of the hole + 2 strokes (double bogey) + any handicap strokes you are
entitled to on that hole = the maximum strokes you can post on that hole.
The computers in the Clubhouse have been set up to accommodate hole-
by-hole posting, so once the computers in the Clubhouse are set up, you
can post there.


If you pick up on a hole, the score you post is the LOWEST of either your
maximum allowable score on that hole (see above) OR the score you
would most likely get to complete that hole.


Bill Fleischauer
Handicap Chair

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