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Thursday Evening League Format and Scoring

•    Each player MUST have an established handicap… Under the new handicap system, you can establish a handicap after 54 holes (Three 18-hole rounds or Six 9-hole rounds)… In the event that a player does not have an established handicap; they will play as a 0 (unless everyone in the match can agree on how many that player will receive)….
•    All matches are played off of the LOW BALL… The player with the lowest handicap will receive ZERO strokes and the other players will have their handicaps reduced by lowest players handicap… Example: Player A is a 14 handicap. Player B is a 16 handicap. Player C is a 17 handicap and Player D is a 20 handicap… Player A is the low ball in the match and the other players will have their handicap reduced by 14 strokes… Player A plays as a 0, Player B becomes a 2, Player C becomes a 3 and Player D becomes a 6… The strokes are then allocated on the corresponding hole (i.e. Player B receives 1 stroke on the #1 handicap hole and 1 stroke on the #2 handicap hole… Player C receives his strokes on the #1, #2 & #3 handicap holes and Players gets his strokes on the #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 & #6 handicap holes)… Since the League is a 9 hole league; each player will only receive 50% of the strokes they would be allotted. Using Player D as an example; his handicap is reduced to 6. If the match is played on the front 9; he receives 3 shots on each side… Player B gets 1 shot on each side and Player C would receive 2 shots on the side with the ODD numbered handicap holes (#1 & #3 handicap) and 1 shot on the side with the EVEN numbered handicap holes… Assuming the players are playing the WHITE tees; Player C receives 2 shots on the Front NINE and 1 shot on the Back Nine.
•    Make sure to use your Course Handicap and not your Handicap Index when determining the strokes for the match… Example; a Player with a 5.8 Handicap Index will have a Course Handicap of 4 and that is the figure to be used in the match… The handicap report is posted in the Men’s Locker Room.
•    The League is played with a Best-Ball Match Play format… Each player plays their own ball and the lowest NET score per team is used as the team score… Using the players from the above example; if Player A makes a 5 on the hole and his partner Player B makes a net 4; the Team Score is a 4. If Player C makes and net 6 and his partner Player D makes a net 4 then their Team Score is a 4 and the hole is TIED.
•    Each match is worth a Total of 10 points… Each Hole is worth 1 point (Tied holes will result in each team receiving ½ point)… The team who wins the MOST TOTAL HOLES receives the bonus point. If each team wins 3 holes and 3 holes are tied, the 10th point will be split amongst the teams. In this scenario; the match score would be 5-5. PLEASE REMEMBER TO POST YOUR MATCH RESULTS ON THE SCORE SCHEET LOCATED IN THE SCORING TENT OUTSIDE OF THE PRO SHOP. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN EACH TEAM RECEIVING A 5-5 SPLIT. FORFEITS are scored 6-0.
•    Flight B is the GOLD TEE Flight… ALL OTHER FLIGHTS ARE TO PLAY FROM THE TEES THAT THE PLAYER NORMALLY PLAYS FROM. To be GOLD TEE eligible, your age and White Tee handicap must equal at least 85.

Golf Equipment
Golf Equipment

Split Club Winners


Weekly Winners              $25                          $25                      $25                            $25                        $25

5/02/2023                Mark Daigler           Charlie Pfeil           Keith Lucas          Mike Torillio Jr.   Robert Wynn

5/11/2023                Ron Miano             Ryan Edholm            Ryan Sibitski       Don Hayes       Jim Fitz-Patrick

5/18/2023               Paul Camarre        Howard Rosemhoch     Tim Rush        Mike Vaccaro     Ken Gonyea

5/25/2023               Robert Tesmer      Joe Horab        Jim Bartkowski              Ian Braun         Ron Najowski

6/01/2023              Tom Aikin             Earl Hochdanner      Roger Herbacher     PJ Tudisco      Michael Mann 

6/08/2023               John Sabo            Sean Conwell          Dan Wendt            Jerry Gurski      George Moretti

6/15/2023               Ross Pochatko      Jim Lumadue           Edward Guzdek     Mike Degen    Chris Colton

6/22/2023               John Athans          Doug Hess                 Ray Bednarski         Bob Perk          Ed Hiller

6/29/2023             James Contino      Shane Yancek         Rich Bolender        Mike Feeley    Dave Buckfelder

7/06/2023              Bill Fleischauer    Daniel Krajewski      Kevin Winder      Dave McKinley    Mark Lemma

7/13/2023             Russ Hanny        Craig Johnson          Russ LaDuca Sr.     Pete Heffernan     Mike Vaccaro

7/20/2023              Mike Filosofos      Dick Klenk             Mike Incorvia          Ray Soto               Joe Cala

7/27/2023             Lawrence Panaro    Scott Fierle      Christopher Searles     Norman Blatner   Matt Peters

8/03/2023            Tim McCadden      Brendan Feeley     Joe Bialek         Mike Spoljaric      Dominic Eusanio

8/10/2023               Chris Puckett          Nick LaDuca         Jim Lillis               Dan Allen           Ken Ranchil

8/17/2023            Gary Sheffield         Matt LaFlair       Mike Ciminlli     Rich DeGiacomo     Ray Keidel

8/24/2023             Bill Schwartz           Steve Pezzino      Bill Billman        Greg Manhardt      John Norris

8/31/2023             Kevin McCann        Mike O’Day         Ryan Reid         Paul Moley          Doug Endres

9/07/2023             Ryan Wendt          Guy Clemens         Gary Klenk        Jim Delaney        Greg Anderson

9/14/2023             Justin Macaluso    David Higgins      Steve Overbeck Mike McDonald  Charlie Gambino

Closing Dinner Drawing Winners-$200.00 each

Roger Hubacher  Alex Chrzanowski  Jim Lumadue  Michael Mann  Mark Lemma

What was new in 2023

Tees times were as follows:  
Early starting times will be from 1:30 until 3:00 PM
Second starting times will be from 3:00 until 4:45 pm
Third starting times will be from 4:45 until 6:00 pm
Reduction in the league fees from $40 per man to $30 per man or $60 per team
At the end of league season, we will no longer be paying out the top teams in cash. A credit will be added to the members account to be used anywhere at the club ( food, beverage, pro shop).

Golf Clubs, Ball and Trophy

Posting scores

League scores must be posted.

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