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Handicaps allow golfers to compete on a fair and even basis.

Read on for more information on how to convert your GHIN handicap index into a course handicap. And, learn more about posting.

Convert your handicap index to a course handicap

This note is intended to address the confusion over how to determine your 
course (Pendleton Creek) handicap based on your index, which is found on your 
GHIN app. Your index and your handicap are not always the same. 

First. The handicap you use for the week, Tuesday - Sunday, is based on your 
index on Tuesday morning. This is done to  maintain a fair, consistent, 
competitive balance for all Leagues and events played during the week for both 
the men and the women.  

How do I determine my course handicap?  

1. Check your index. This is posted on the board outside the Pro Shop, which is         where Thursday League schedule and standings are posted  
2. Take this number (your index) to the appropriate conversion sheet. This is         based on the tees you will play (White or Gold).  
3. Your index will then convert to a course handicap. This is the number you use     for the Thursday League and all Yellow Card events.  

Here is an example using my GHIN index:  

19.8 - This is my index from my GHIN app.  


When I take that number to the conversion charts, it converts to the following 
course handicaps:  

19 - White Tee  
14 - Gold Tee  

You’ll note that the 19.8 index does not round up to 20. 
I will be glad to answer any questions and attempt to explain why this system 
was adopted. This explanation can not be done easily in a short note.  

Bill Fleischauer  
Men’s Club Handicap Chair 

Handicap posting guidelines

April 15th marks the date on which we begin posting our golf scores. As a result, every golfer at Pendleton Creek should be aware of the following:

The purpose of golf’s handicap system is to ensure that golfers of various abilities can compete equally and fairly in all competitive leagues and events. To help guarantee that handicaps are honest and fair, below is a reminder of the USGA handicap posting guidelines.

1.    All rounds of golf should be posted, both 9 and 18 holes. This is especially necessary for players in the Thursday Night League. Also, check to see if the league or event you are playing in requires that your score be posted as a Competition score.


2.    Your posted score must be adjusted to reflect the maximum score you are allowed to post on a hole. The easiest way to do this is to post your scores on GHIN using the hole-by-hole posting option. If you post your total score, you must adjust your score before posting, using the following “formula”.


Par of the hole + 2 strokes (double bogey) + any handicap strokes you are entitled to on that hole = the maximum strokes you can post on that hole.

1.    If you pick up on a hole, you must take the lowest of either - the maximum allowed on that hole or the score you would most likely have gotten on that hole.
To accomplish this goal of maintaining honest and fair handicaps at Pendleton Creek, I will be:

-checking all Yellow Cards turned in to ensure that all scores have been adjusted and posted
-spot checking Thursday League participants to be sure they are posting their scores.


If you have questions and/or concerns regarding this process, you may - contact me - Bill Fleischauer - Men’s Club Handicap Chair

•    ask at the Pro Shop for clarification
•    consult the USGA rules and guidelines, which are easily Googled

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