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Yellow Card weekly tournaments are open to all members of the Menʼs Club. They are friendly competitions for awards paid as pro shop credit, included as part of your membership dues.


When competing, please follow these DO’s and DON’Ts:


DO take your Yellow Card from the pro shop or declare to your playing partners you are playing the Yellow Card before starting your round.

DO read and follow the directions and sample card for each weekly tournament.

DO PRINT and complete your card NEATLY and ACCURATELY.  If a card cannot be read or understood, it will not be included in the weekly tournament.

DO ensure your card is attested by any Tan Tara member, male or female.  Unattested scores will not be included in the weekly tournament.

DO post your 18 hole score as a HOME score, unless otherwise noted.  Unposted scores may be excluded from consideration in each weekly tournament.

DO place your completed Yellow Card in the box by the handicap computer by 8 PM Sunday.


DON’T play your round and then decide to use it for the Yellow Card because you played well.

DON’T attest a card for a player who did not pull or declare he was playing his Yellow Card.

DON’T enter a weekly tournament more than once. Multiple entries will result in a disqualification of all weekly entries.


DO select the flight you wish to play in for each weekly tournament and circle it on your Yellow Card.  Tournaments will be played in the following classes/flights based on your current course handicap:

·        AA: +5 - 5

·        A: 6 – 11

·        B: 12 - 15

·        C: 16 or more


·        GOLD Tee

You may choose to play in any flight you are eligible for (for example, a B flight player can compete in the A flight).  However, you can only take the maximum handicap for that flight.


To be eligible to play in the Gold Tee flight, the total of your age and WHITE tee course handicap (when added together), must be 85 or higher.  However, just because you are eligible for the Gold Tee flight does not mean you have to play in that flight.




Chris Decker - Tournament Chairman