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Tuesday Morning 
League Format and Scoring

Men's Club Tuesday Morning 9-Hole League 

It is with great anticipation and excitement that we look forward to beginning the 2023 Tuesday Morning Men's Golf Events on May 2nd. This year brings a few changes to the League. We start with a big “Thank You” to our esteemed leader Bill Fleischauer, who has stepped away from administering the league after ten years at the helm. Pete Heffernan and Mike Vaccaro are assuming the duties. With the new administration comes a couple of minor changes in protocol for the league. These were all designed to simplify results processing each week as the number of participants has increased substantially. We had blue score cards printed for exclusive use for the Tuesday League. This is in line with yellow card usage here as PCGC in that a single scorecard per golfer should be submitted following completion of your round. Sign in sheet – We play from both White and Gold tees. (Eligibility to play Gold tee is Age + white handicap >= 85). It is a 9-hole league, alternating between the front and back nines each week. There are individual-colored sign-in sheets per tee, Gold and White. Sign the appropriate sheet, fill in your handicap, pay your $3 fee, and checkmark the fee paid box. All monies collected will be paid out in proportion to the number of players on each tee sheet. The prize money you win is in the form of pro shop credit. This is credited monthly to your account. We have the tee box from 7:30-8:50 each Tuesday morning. Try not to wait until the last minute to tee off. Form your own groups as there are no set tee times. The Women’s League has the tee box at 9 o’clock and they are not flexible. If you are not an early morning person, you can play “League Events” anytime Tuesday, just follow the same procedures above, you should get a tee time. Weekly results will be reported via an emailed spreadsheet, continually updated throughout the golf season. 

Golf Clubs, Ball and Trophy

Posting scores

League scores must be posted.

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