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Qualifications will take place from May 11th until May 30th (Memorial Day).


Any member of the Men’s Club is eligible to attempt to qualify and play in these two majors.


The top 16 individual players (President’s Cup) or top 16 teams (2 Man) qualify in each flight and advance to a single elimination tournament, similar to an NCAA Basketball bracket.


Seedings and tournament brackets for the matches will be posted on the Men’s Club web site and in the scoring tent outside the pro shop by Friday June 3rd.


There will be 3-4 weeks allocated to play each of the first round, quarterfinal, semi-final and final round matches. Please attempt to play prior to these deadlines so that all champions can be crowned by the Sunday after Labor Day.


All matches in all flights will be played off low ball, with a maximum handicap in each flight.


You are responsible for scheduling your match at a mutually agreeable time.  Please reach out to the person/team you are playing.  Please do not wait for the higher/lower seed to contact you.  Figure it out.


The winning person/team should post results on the sheets in the scoring tent.


If any match is not completed by the deadline, the Tournament Committee of the Men’s Club is empowered to schedule a time with the pro shop for the match to be played when there is availability on the tee sheet.  PLEASE DO NOT MAKE US INVOKE THIS OPTION!!



Please make every effort to play the matches in these two Major Tournaments, as they are intended to be an enjoyable and friendly way to meet and compete against fellow members.



Good luck to all,

Chris Decker

Tournament Chair