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Pendleton Creek Golf Club Rules and Regulations


• All members and guests must register in the pro shop before use of the facility .Sign in on the appropriate sign in sheet .

• All players must start on hole #1, unless permission is given by the starter or pro shop to begin on the 10th hole.

• No starting on holes other than 1 and 10.

• There will be no cutting in front of other players. No exceptions.

• Guest Play will not be allowed before 12:00 on Weekends and Holidays unless it has been approved by the Golf Professional in advance. All members are responsible for their guests appearance and conduct

Dress Code

• All players must wear golf specific  clothing.

• Men must wear a collared shirt and have it tucked in at all times.

• Golf pants and shorts are permissible.

• Women must wear appropriate golf clothing.

• Shorts and skirts must me worn within one hand over the top of the   knee.

• All hats must be worn with the brim forward. No backwards or sideways  hats.

• No metal spikes can be worn.

• No denim clothing can be worn on the golf course.

Care  of the course

• All players are responsible for maintaining the golf  course.

• Replace all divots. Fill in divots with sand if grass divots are not found.

• Repair all ball marks made on the green.

• Follow all golf cart regulations for the  day.

• No practicing on the golf course  is  permitted.

• Practice will only be done on the driving range, practice  bunker, and practice putting  green.

Cart Rules

• All carts will have 2 players unless there is an odd number in the group. If a player does not adhere to this policy they will be charged an additional cart fee

• Junior golfers may not use a golf car unless they have a valid New York State driver's license or learners permit. No exceptions.

Junior Play

• Junior golfers over the age of 12 with an established handicap and prior approval from the golf staff may play at any time except before 1pm on weekends and  holidays.

• Junior golfers with an established handicap may play after 10:00 on weekends and holidays when accompanied by a parent or adult guardian

Tee Times

• Tee times are available starting April 15th and ending October 15th.

Starters and Rangers

• Starters/Rangers

• The starter/ranger has the authority to govern starting times of all play and will have the authority to combine playing groups and make foursomes wherever needed. Fivesomes are allowed at the discretion of the pro shop.

• The starter/ranger has the authority to govern the pace of play on the golf course and may ask members and their guests to play faster, allow other groups to play through, pick-up and move to the next hole or ask the members/guests to leave the golf course.

• The starter/ranger has the authority to enforce dress codes, cart rules and care of the course policies

Pendleton Creek Pub Rules and Regulations


Unprofessional or disrespectful behavior by a member or guest will not be tolerated and they will be verbally warned first . If the behavior persists they will be asked to leave the premises. If they do not leave they will be escorted off the property and law enforcement will be used if necessary.

Dress Code

Denim will be allowed in the Pendleton Creek Pub only. The Denim Clothing must be up to "Club Standards" (no holes, clean, etc.).Pendleton Creek Golf Club Management Staff is responsible for enforcement of the Dress Code, and is also responsible to use personal judgment to assess if the attire in question is presentable, and to use personal judgment regarding the overall situation at hand.

*Suspension of club privileges and or termination of membership may follow if a member* or their guest is in violation of club rules at the discretion of the management.