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Pendleton Creek Men’s Club Thursday League Play Guidelines


Reminders, rules, & guidelines for what each of us needs to know & do, in order to

make this year’s league successful & safe:

 League Information:

   o All league information is posted on the Pendleton Creek Men’s Club website (still

                                 ). This website name is subject to change as the

      season progresses.

   O The season long match schedule, flight assignments, & standings, are all posted

      on this site.

   o League information will also be posted in the club house, in the men’s locker


   o We will all receive emails, from our league administrator, reporting standings,

      league news & updates.

 Tee Times:

   o All matches must be played on the scheduled Thursdays.

   o Refer to the weekly schedule, posted on the Men’s Club website, & in the locker

      room, for match opponents.

   o You are required to play during your scheduled tee time slot, which has been

      assigned by flight. You can play anytime within your scheduled tee time slot, as

      agreed upon by you & your opponents.

   o You are required to touch base with your scheduled match opponents (prior to

      the weekly match) & agree to a tee time, within your scheduled time slot, that

      works for both teams.

   o You do not have to book tee times on-line for the Thursday Men’s League.  Our

      league has already blocked out all the time slots.

 Forfeits:

   o It is expected that all matches be played on Thursday afternoons, on the

      scheduled dates.

   o It is expected that scheduled opponents discuss & agree, amongst themselves, a

      starting tee time.

   o Failure of a team to not show up at the previously discussed & agreed upon tee

      time shall result in a forfeit of their points for the match.  A max. 20 minute grace

      time shall be permitted, to allow for unforeseen conditions relating to the


   o It is expected that persons be in contact with their opponents, to discuss & agree

      upon last minute tee time changes, problems, etc.  Failure to do so will result in a


 Weather:

   o It is expected that matches will be played every week, regardless of weather,

      unless Pendleton Creek Golf Club (PCGC) cancels play.

   o Only PCGC can cancel Thursday league play.

   o PCGC will notify the Men’s Club of the cancellation, & the Men’s Club will notify

      the league.

   o Review the posted Thursday league Play-No Play Flow Chart, on the Men’s Club

      website & at the club house, for specifics on how to proceed if the weather is


   o Teams that do not show up to play, regardless of weather, are subject to forfeit, if

      they did not communicate their “no-show” with their opponents.

   o Teams may mutually agree to not play during inclement weather & split the

      match points, if both teams agree.  Refer to the Play-No Play Flow Chart, for


 Tees:

   oWith the exception of the “A” flight, all Thursday League play shall be played from

      the White tees.

   o Only “A” Flight matches can play from the Gold tees.

 Scoring:

   o All players must have an established handicap.

   o Match scoring is calculated by comparing the handicaps of all 4 match players.

      Match handicaps will be calculated off the difference between the player with the

      lowest handicap & the other individual player handicaps, divided by 2, because

      we only play 9 holes during the match.

   o Odd number differences in handicaps are rounded up, if playing the front 9 (EX:

      2.5 would be 3), & rounded down (EX: 2.5 would be 2) if playing the back 9.

   O The scoring format is 2man best ball, with a max. of 10 points to be had per

      match.  Each 2-man team cards only one set of strokes per hole, with handicap. 

      Low number of strokes, per team, wins the hole & gets 1 point for the hole.  Ties

      each get ½ point per hole.  After all 9 holes are played, whichever team won the

      majority of the 9 holes outright, get 1 extra point.  If after 9 holes everything is

      tied up, the score is 5 to 5. All match points need to add up to 10 (EX: 5-5, 6-4.

      7.5-2.5, etc.).

   o Forfeits – Shall be scored 6 – 0. The team that forfeits, for whatever reason, gets

      0 points for the match. Their opponents, who did not forfeit, get 6 points for the


   o Teams who are scheduled to have a Bye

                                                 week do not play against an opponent

      that week. They will automatically receive 5 points for the week.

 Score Posting:

   o Upon completion of the match, record the match point results, for both

                                                                              teams, on

      the weekly score sheet posted at the club.

 Social Distancing - A few key requirements to keep us in line with current mandates:

   o Masks must be worn while on the patio/inside the clubhouse UNLESS you are

      seated at a table.

   o Do not crowd around the bar to allow our staff to remain safe and give other

      members the opportunity to walk up and place orders.

   o Do not move tables as they are set up to be 6 feet apart and they must stay that

      way. There will be a few combined tables for larger groups, but groups cannot

      exceed 10 people.

   o NO SMOKING under the patio. If you wish to smoke, please sit at one of the

      tables in the open air around the putting green.


 Carts:

   o One or two persons per cart is now allowed.

   o Walking is preferred (if you can), to allow those who wish to ride, availability of


   o In order to provide availability, carts may only be taken 30 min. prior to your flight

      tee time.


We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to getting the Thursday Night Men’s

League started.  Have fun and be patient.  If/when things change, we’ll get back to

“normal”.  Questions regarding Thursday night league play should be directed to either

Jeff Ott or Ray Soto.



The Men's Club Board

Pendleton Creek Men's Club